Thank you so much, Judith and Exquisite Biewer Terriers! We are SO in love with our sweet little Milo! 

After having to say goodbye to our Yorkie after 16 years, our house felt empty. After 7 months without him, we were ready to add to our family again. We did some research on different breeds/breeders that would be a good fit and we came across Exquisite Biewer Terriers.  

We felt very confident and comfortable dealing with Judith. She was (and still is) very kind, patient and professional in answering all of our questions. It’s obvious she truly cares for the breed and knows her stuff, she is an excellent breeder.  We are so lucky to add this sweet addition to our family!

Lyndsey, Rob, Georgia and Chloe
Kingston, Ontario 


If you’re looking for your sign to get a Biewer, this is it!

Judith was amazing to work with. I found her after researching happy, cuddly apartment friendly dogs and found my Penny! She’s been with me every step of the way, even when I’m having a nervous new mom moment at night and need reassurance that Penny is in fact safe and happy in her den!

Judith was kind enough to take a few videos of the two dogs I was interested in. We got on a call and she answered all of my questions. Hearing that there’s a group chat for all of the pawrents to share pictures and provide support was really the icing on the cake for me!

I found Penny when she was just about 2 years old. Judith kept Penny throughout her spay recovery (and for an extended period before that since Penny went into heat suddenly!)

If you’re looking for a breeder who really cares for her dogs and the owners she chooses, don’t hesitate to call Exquisite Biewers! Penny is the loveliest little dog I could have hoped for. I put her incredible behaviour down to the time, effort and love that Judith and her family put into her.

I’m forever grateful to have met Penny and Judith and hope all these glowing reviews give more of her dogs the loveliest homes!

Stephanie H.
Hamilton, Ontario 

Darling Clementine 

I can’t say enough about the care Exquisite Biewer Terriers puts into their dogs and puppies!!! 

The posts of our puppy as she was growing really made us feel part of our little Clementine’s life right from the start. 

It was so hard to wait for our puppy to be old enough to bring home, but we felt like we were part of her life with the pictures and videos. 

I love the support we have received even after pick up. I feel like I can ask any question and get a timely response. 

I was a little worried about getting a puppy when we have a 7 year old Yorkie but Clementine has fit in perfectly into our family. 

Thank you so much Exquisite Biewer Terriers, we couldn't imagine our lifes without our Darling Clementine.

Julie & Jeff S.
Orillia,  Ontario 


When I came across the website of Judith and Exquisite Biewer Terriers 6 months ago - I read the reviews and thought "Who could possibly be this exceptional?" Short version - Judith of Exquisite Biewer Terriers! 

After months of reaching out to various breeders in Canada and the U.S. for a very specific need with a second adult "puppy" for my 11 and a half year old "puppy-minded"-yet-elderly-with-back-troubles Coton de Tulear, Tsahra, we had been met with many disappointments trying to find her a new sister. We lost her sister of 10 years a year prior due to serious health issues; we both were ready for a new sister, but she had to be the right sister. 

When I finally came upon Biewers and Exquisite Biewer Terriers in my research, from the very first contact, Judith truly was (and still is 6 months later) as exceptional as the reviews on her site! Her knowledge of the breed and her puppies was phenomenal! I have a very strong belief in ethical breeding so I am bit relentless in my questions to a breeder to ensure they are not a cover for yet another puppy mill which I have encountered over the years. Judith was amazingly forthcoming and her passion for all of her dogs, and the breed as a whole, was evident in every communication. I was thrilled! She was as exceptional as her reviews!

Even more important to Tsahra and I than puppies was that she had retired breeding dogs!! It was exactly what we wanted - I had very specific needs for Tsahra to feel happy having a sister, still being "the Princess" in her own home, playing a wee bit, but mostly having a little sister to snuggle as her favourite pastime is snuggling under my knitting. Again, Judith was amazing!! She not only didn't think I was crazy with my needs, she right away suggested a soon to be 4 year old recently retired "puppy"" named Rosy who was not even on the site that was matching exactly what I was describing! Rosy had 3 litters, recently spayed, a gentle demeanour who took care of all the puppies, never possessive - simply loving and snuggly with little bouts of play! I was beyond elated! 

Over the next days, Judith was responsive and patient with my numerous questions about the process and my over-enthusiastic desire to get Rosy ASAP! Within 3 days, I drove 7 hours to pick up our new baby girl! From the first moment of meeting Rosy, the car ride home together in the same booster seat where Tsahra kept sitting on Rosy's head in fear of the rain (and Rosy let her!!), and over these past 6 months, Rosy has been an angel! She is the most perfect sister to Tsahra; exactly what she - we - needed! Tsahra loved Rosy instantly and Rosy felt the same… in fact, the very first morning when Tsar stayed outside longer than Rosy - Rosy cried for her to come back in. They are inseparable since their first moment. I could not have asked for a better puppy than Rosy! 

Without Judith's deep genuine understanding of each individual dog within her home, she could never have paired us with the exact right temperament for Tsahra. Having personally always had dogs in pairs for over 45 years, adding a second to a highly established 11 and a half year old who spent 10 years with another, can be a dicey process. Due to the depth of insight, experience, and passion of Judith and her "puppies", she gave Tsahra and I the greatest gift with Rosy. She added years to Tsahra's life! Rosy truly is a most precious and adorable loving girl! At 4, she is the ideal age and demeanour for introducing to an older dog, and to my life where I am at a stage where I am not interested in difficult work of the puppy stage. Admittedly, puppies are sweet, but I love the years of an established adult personality… I will happily be scooping up more of Judith’s retired breeding girls over the years to come!:) I am in love with the breed and this breeder! I cannot say enough about both. There are so many outstanding advantages in getting an adult "puppy": Rosy is house trained, her temperament is well established without any surprises, her health also is well established without the unknowns of a puppy, and, most importantly, coming from Exquisite Biewer Terriers and Judith’s home, she is well socialized with dogs and people - she’s wonderful! It has been a seamless transition over these 6 months… it has been genuine “puppy love at first sight” between Tsahra and Rosy…and me! 

Brenda, Tsahra, and Rosy
Essex County, Ontario


I am the proud owner of an Exquisite Biewer Terrier puppy and the word “exquisite” is an understatement.   

Peppe is the sweetest, most loving and companionable puppy anyone could have.   He is quick to learn, in spite of a wee stubborn streak which is almost endearing in itself as he is so adorable.  

Six pounds of Peppe packs an enormously happy punch.

He is full of personality and adds an incomparable joy to my family and our life.

Diana T.
Toronto, Ontario


“Back in July, we spent a week with friends in Brantford who introduced us to Max, a beautiful Biewer Terrier they got from Judith. We fell in love with Max and we were informed that Max’s mother was available for adoption. With their help and encouragement, we applied to adopt RAOMI who was 4 years old. In no time at all, we were making plans to pick her up, a long road trip from Thunder Bay to Sudbury area. Judith and Brian were extremely accommodating and made the transition as easy as possible. Brian spent a day driving RAOMI to meet us in Sault Ste Marie which cut our journey in half. After a couple days getting used to her new surroundings, ROAMI has blended into our family seemlessly. 


We now call her ROMI and she is amazing. She can run so fast around any and every obstacle, her agility is exceptional. Her behaviour is very calm and disciplined, always signalling her needs and rarely getting into mischief. We can see the love and care this little princess has received all her life, and we aim to continue giving her that. 


Anyone looking to bring a beautiful well cared for pup or dog into their family, we highly recommend Judith and Brian Maynard from Exquisite Biewer Terriers. They have given us a precious new family member to love!” 


Thank you very much for all you have done. 

Maggie and Alec M. 

Thunder Bay, Ontario 


When my partner and I decided we wanted a Biewer Terrier as our next dog, we did a lot of research on breeders—we even considered flying to Berlin (where the breed originated) to get a puppy. But after discovering Judith Maynard and Exquisite Biewer Terriers right here in Ontario, our search ended. We knew we had found a truly gifted and caring breeder just hours away from us. Importantly, we knew we would be getting a purebred Biewer and not some mix that just looked like a Biewer. 

We have had our little Olivia now for three days and boy is she a delight. Cuddly, playful, energetic but not hyper, and smart as a little whip. Olivia has already learned how to sit and lie down. She’s a dandy little napper after getting her exercise. She really connects and knows how to listen. 

Kudos to Judith and Brian for this: unlike every other dog breeder Judith keeps, grooms and trains her pups for 12 to 16 weeks before she releases them to new owners. That is a major commitment and was very attractive to us as new puppy owners: Most other breeders let their dogs go in 8-10 weeks. So, right off the bat, we knew Olivia was going to have had more training and be a more mature puppy. And that was very welcome! 

As well as getting Olivia, Judith gave us a thoughtful starter’s kit which included, among other things, puppy food, a new bed, toys, chew stick, poop bags and an adorable puppy blanket. Wow. 

In the short time we have had her, Olivia is sleeping through the night in her crate without a peep. That is really something. 

Maybe the best thing about having Judith as a breeder, is that she told us she is just a phone call away should we have any problems or seek advice. 

In sum, thank you, thank you Judith and Brian for all the time and attention you have put into our little Olivia. We just adore her. 


Helen and Jane, 

Toronto, Ontario

Nico and Bubba

We are so happy that we were led to getting our two Biewer Terriers from Exquisite Biewer Terriers. 
Since we had never had Biewer Terriers we had a lot of questions. Judith was great in communicating frequently and as needed in order to ensure that we had all of the answers we needed. 

Once we decided on our babies, Judith worked with us to determine the best time for us to get our fur babies.  Due to our schedule, we had to wait a bit and so during the waiting time, Judith was kind enough to send us videos in order to keep us connected with the activities of our boys. 

Coming from America, further arrangements had to be made and both Judith and Brian worked with us to ensure all papers were set and all health checks completed. Everything was done perfectly. 

When meeting Brian at our halfway point from Michigan, we were thrilled to not only hold our babies but we were amazed at the gift 

package that Judith had prepared. Beds, blankets, bowls, toys, harnesses, etc. etc. 

We can not say enough about Exquisite Biewer Terriers and how wonderful they are. If you are looking for amazing dogs, you do not have to look any further! 

Lori T.  &  Sherry B.
St. Joseph, Michigan USA


From the moment we decided on having a Biewer Terrier become apart of our family we found Exquisite Biewer Terriers through our online research. 
After an introductory email query to Judith and Brian it quickly became apparent that they were knowledgeable and professional breeders. Once we were on the waiting list for a puppy Judith was very prompt and thorough with her replies to our queries. 

They were very accommodating with our request to visit and observe the puppies and we were very impressed with their facilities. They do an amazing job of socializing and preparing the puppies for their forever home. 

The whole process of acquiring our new family member - Diggs went smoothly from start to finish and we know they will be available anytime we have questions or concerns about Diggs. 

If you are interested in this breed of dog we would highly recommend them. 

Mary -Ann & Jon B.
Peterborough, Ontario


We purchased our Biewer puppy Maverick from Judith and Brian Maynard and we could not be happier with our experience. 

Not only are their puppies extraordinarily beautiful and cute but the Maynards are extremely knowledgeable and experienced breeders and they were always available to answer the myriad questions we had about our new little pup. 

Before contacting them I did extensive research both in the US and Canada and called them only after reading all the stellar reviews about them. 

Judith and Brian have been so patient and kind and it’s obvious they love what they do and I strongly feel that reflects on the type of puppies they produce. 

When you buy a puppy from them you really feel like you have joined the Exquisite Biewer Terrier family and as a new puppy owner that sure feels great. 

Our Maverick is well adjusted and such a happy and calm puppy.  He is such a pleasure to have in the house and I can’t thank Judith and Brian enough for all they have done to make this a wonderful journey for my husband and I.

Liza K. & Paul O.
Montreal, Quebec


I found Judith to be very professional.  Very caring about the puppies they raise. 

I applied for a puppy in April, and got her in Sept.    I live in Elora and Judith was very good to meet me in Parry Sound for the exchange.  

She was very professional,  we went over all details, and she answered all my questions.   Puppy I got is absolutely gorgeous, all colors and markings perfect for a Biewer Terrier.    

She is so loving, cuddly.. around me constantly.    And yes I spoil......cuddles up next to me in bed.
 Obviously raised in that socialized condition by the breeder.

I would not hesitate to buy another puppy from
 Judith.  Or refer anyone interested in her dogs to contact  her.

Susan B. 
Elora, Ontario


Treble (6 month old, male).

     We have been highly blessed with the addition of this wonderful little guy to our family.  Our lives have definitely improved in multiple aspects since getting him.
     We first became attracted to the idea of getting a Biewer when we met one of Judith's creations when we were out for a daytrip in Elora ON.  The couple gave us the contact info for Exquisite Biewer Terriers right then and there, so we decided to give it a try.  The rest is history.        

As for the quality of puppy produced we must say that Treble has been an absolute joy from day 1!  Most of the important training such as crate and house was already done or at least well underway when we got him.  This alone was well worth price tag!  

When we first brought him home, for the first few overnights he whimpered for the first 15 mins of being in the crate but settled down and hasn't made a peep since.  He has never once had an accident in there. In fact he has never had an accident anywhere that are his 'chill spots'.  Likewise he has also never once had an accident in the car or big rig that he travels in with "Dad" during weekdays.

      When you factor in all the above as well as all vaccinations, de-worming, microchipping, and lineage certification, it is easy to understand the saying "You get what you pay for."
     Thank you so much, Judith, for making this amazing little bundle of love for us!  He is the perfect fit to our family!

Dennis & Kathryn S.
Cambridge, Ontario


Ruby  has filled our home with so much love and joy.  Her adjustment to our home was seamless.  

We flew home from Toronto with her without any issues.  Judith prepared her well for the trip. 

She is playful, intelligent, has a  wonderful temperament, and is a well adjusted little dog. 

Ruby was one year old when she came to us.  It’s obvious Judith did an exceptional job at caring for her in her first year. 

Judith provided us with photos, videos, and a generous starter kit.  She was very accommodating for us.  She is still available to answer any questions we may have.

The wait was a bit long for my pup, which was out of Judith’s control, but very much worth it. I highly recommend Judith Maynard and her husband as breeders. My experience has been wonderful from the beginning. Judith is kind, caring and displays much professionalism with you.  Happy I found her!

Francine M

Moncton, New Brunswick


Judith!  Where to begin…???

Teddy has settled in so beautifully there are no words. He is eating all meals, drinking plenty of water, and is very good on his walks.

He is sleeping through the night, and his training is improving…

He is a loving, tender little guy…full of life and playing all day…when he is not napping!

Can’t thank you enough for your excellent care and training of Teddy. We know how hard it must be for you and Brian to love these little ones…and then to share them with us…

You need to know the difference that you make in the world…sharing your love and excellence with us all!!!

We will stay in touch as Teddy grows. Check in any time…would love to hear from you.

Pamela-Jay B. and Shannon H.
Toronto, Ontario


My experience with Exquisite Biewer Terriers has been great. 
It did take a long time to wait for my little darling but I totally see why now that I have her.  Judith and her hubby do an excellent job with the dogs.  

My Gigi is relaxed, quiet and so good to train.  Judith was very good with photo's, info and the wonderful parting bag of items when she did the puppy drop off.  

I cannot say how pleased I am with my little bundle of joy.  Thank you for giving me a wonderful new little family member to enjoy! 

Pamela D.

Paris, Ontario


Look at our cute little fur ball!

Izzy started her time with us driving across Ontario to her new home. She was meek at first but within a few hours was excited to see us. She has quickly warmed herself into our hearts, along with every friend, neighbour, and stranger that she meets. 

A combination of the Biewer Terrier playful and friendly nature along with the thorough training and care by Judith at Exquisite Biewer Terriers has made our Izzy into the sweetest puppy we have ever met. 

Judith has been extremely helpful as soon as she showed us pictures of Izzy. From giving us updates and videos, to driving hours to meet us, to responding promptly to any questions we have had, Judith and Brian have been very accommodating.

Thank you very much!

Emily and Brad F.
Kenora, Ontario


Finally, our fur baby boy - Toby, is home! He added so much love and joy to our home. He's such a sweet, adorable puppy, and that's because he was given the very best start in a loving family. Thank you so much, Judith, of Exquisite Biewer!

We've wanted a Biewer Terrier since we lost our 2 Yorkshire Terriers, and we are lucky to find the best reputable breeder. We could not be happier with our experience. From day one, Judith has been warm and helpful at every stage of the process - from the application and choosing our puppy to pick him up. 

We have waited for about a year, but the wait is worthwhile. Judith has kept us posted by continuously sending us pictures and videos. She was very open and promptly responsive to any questions we had and would go above and beyond to provide more helpful information. Best of all, Judith is still available for us after picking up Toby. She put our worries and anxieties at ease with her vast knowledge and experience.

We can't recommend Exquisite Biewer  Terriers enough! They have the most beautiful puppies. Thank you so much, Judith, for our sweet Toby!

Leo & Flo P.
Oshawa, Ontario


On July 1/2022 our lives changed in a positive and wonderful way. After a year of research and then our time on a waiting list we finally picked up our beautiful little Duchess. A Biewer Terrier bred by Judith Maynard of Exquisite Biewers. 
After all our research we chose Exquisite Biewers based on the reviews we read and the many conversations we had with Judith prior to making our commitment. 

We drove to Judith’s two days early and got the opportunity to tour her amazing facility where she breeds her puppies. It’s like a mini hospital with every room from birthing to the adult dogs being well appointed with safety being a high priority.

Judith is a very hands-on breeder in that all her pups from the moment they are born are shown much love and affection. They quickly get used to being picked up for cuddles. She remembers every one of their names and calls them by name from a very young age. When you have chosen your puppy Judith will then call your pup by your chosen name and will send pictures and videos on a regular basis. 

 Her adults and her pups are all Pure Bred and when you take home one of her puppies their lineage is included in her excellent “going home” package which, along with information on their microchip, AKC registration and Health documents also includes most of the items needed for puppies’ arrival at home, including food. 

Our Duchess quickly adjusted to us and to her new home and I know it’s because she was used to cuddles and affection and was always treated like the sweetheart she is. Duchess has only been with us for 3 days and today on her 3rd day she has, on her own, used only a pee pad with no accidents on the floors. Again, this is because Judith works on pee pad training from a young age and by the time your pup comes home a lot of the hard work is done! 

At first, I was taken back when I was told we could not pick her up until she was 16 weeks old. Many breeders release their pups at 8 or 12 weeks. Keeping them until they are 16 weeks is a longer period of time for feeding and caring for the pups but most importantly allows Judith the opportunity to ensure that her pups go home fully vaccinated for their age. This is very important because she would rather have extra work and expense than see one of her pups get sick from too early exposure to the world. This was important to me because I knew our girl was with someone who placed her health and well-being above all else. 

If you are looking for a caring and experienced breeder of an amazing, fun loving and affectionate breed, I would not hesitate to recommend Judith Maynard of Exquisite Biewers. 

Hazel and Terrall John N.
London, Ontario


Judith has been the most wonderful breeder we could have asked for. 

She truly loves and cares for her puppies, so much so that she keeps in touch after we brought our lovely puppy home. She's also responsive and helpful with the questions that I've had and, believe me, I had many questions. 

You can trust Judith to give you great advice and the most beautiful, loving puppies as well. Thank you Judith!

This has been a wonderful experience and I appreciate knowing your door is always open if I have any more questions.❤️

Louise & Peter B.
Val Caron, Ontario


Judith is a very caring and knowledgeable person who takes her responsibilities as a breeder very seriously.

 Judith works hard to match the right puppy with the right owners she is very accomadating.

Our puppy Archie is fit healthy and a very happy little chap. 
We had been fascinated with the Biewer for sometime and would highly recommend Judith as the breeder of choice.

Catherine & Sydney M.
Coburg, Ontario


Well it's been just over a week since we brought our little girl Mercedes home. It feels like she has always been a part of our home. 

Thank you Judith for being such an amazing breeder.

Mercedes is calm and well adjusted. We can't get over her intelligence and sweet personality. 

We are already on the way to learning to go outside to take care of potty needs. 

I highly recommend Judith's excellent breeding skills as well as her initial training of the pups before they go to their forever homes. 🐕❤

Yvonne & Doug V.

St. Catharines, Ontario

Gee Gee

We would highly recommend Exquisite Biewer Terriers.  We had an excellent experience with Judith Maynard and her professional process. 

As a first time Biewer owner, Judith went above and beyond in terms of throughly answering all our questions. 

Her genuine care and love for the puppies is most evident in our puppy “Gee Gee's” happiness, and care-free personality

Marci and Brock B.
Toronto, Ontario


How could you not love a little face like this ??  
It's been just one week since our little Archie has joined our family in Newfoundland.  He's adjusted so well and adapted so quickly its like he's been here forever.  
One of his favorite things to do is cuddle,  which we have no problem accommodating him.  

Judith is an excellent breeder and loving dog mom and is there to answer all our questions regarding Archie's care.  His intelligence is showing through to us in just a short week which goes to show the quality of care that he received from Judith. 

We first heard about Biewer Terrier and Judith from my husband's cousin Denika, and after reviewing the website and communicating with Judith we knew this was the puppy for us.  From the beginning of our journey Judith kept us informed about the mommy's and their litters and when we could expect our little one .  
The wait was long but well worth it.  
We are so in love with our little Archie, as well as our family. 
There is not enough good things to say about him, just that we love him dearly and are so thankful that Judith had brought him into our lives 🥰🥰

John and Michelle H.
Grand Banks, Newfoundland


My husband and I had been waiting patiently to get a Biewer puppy. 
We thought it wouldn’t be until the New Year but a week and a half ago Judith contacted us to say she had a little girl for us. We flew to Ontario to pick Lola up and when we met Judith’s husband he had a lovely care package full of lots of goodies and necessities which was wonderful since we were staying in Ottawa for two nights. 

From the moment we picked Lola up she was amazing. We thought for sure that because she is so tiny she would be timid and easily frightened. Nothing could be further from the truth. She was comfortable in the carrier, driving in the car and on the plane ride home. She never said boo and was not stressed or anxious at all. 

She has been an absolute joy! She has met several family members and she is not timid at all. 
Her personality is incredible and she is so chill. Despite her tiny size she is a little firecracker! Every day we continue to be amazed by her. 

We had her groomed for Christmas and our groomer was so impressed with how well-behaved she was. A true testament to Judith’s expertise in raising well-adjusted, social puppies. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Judith if you want a puppy that will steal your heart and brighten your days. I also would not hesitate to get another puppy from Judith in the future.

Gina & Greg L.
Halifax, Nova Scotia


Judith, you are truly a top-notch breeder. From the first time we connected in the fall of 2020 to present day (now 2+ months after bringing Chase home), you have been incredible. 
Throughout the entire process, you have been very responsive to any questions/concerns, regularly shared picture/video updates about our puppy before we picked him up and you’re still always willing to provide support long after the adoption. 
You were even so kind to meet us in Barrie to cut the travel for us. 

Chase has transitioned extremely well into our family (including with 2 young children) - he is such a cute, fun-loving and affectionate Biewer with a calm disposition who both people and dogs alike gravitate to wherever we are. We are so thankful to have found you and especially most thankful for our Chase!

Jared, Nicole, Luke and Charlee T.
Thornhill, Ontario

Sir Bentley 

We started looking for reputable breeders and Judith was at the top of the list. We wanted a puppy that had come from a line of health checked parents.  
Judith actually met us on a day she had a van load of Biewers at an eye specialists having her crew getting eye exams. She told us about her Biewers and let us hold a couple of dogs.  She answered all of our questions. After meeting her and her dogs, we definitely knew she was the breeder for us and asked to be put on her puppy list. 
During the visit I had pointed out a favourite little male.  Much to our surprise, several weeks later after we had filled out applications, Judith invited us up for a visit to meet “RBJ” the little one I had pointed out.  He is a beautiful 2 year old stud dog.  She asked if we would consider an older dog rather than a puppy - and of course we would!  She was retiring him as he was a bit large for the females and thought we were a good fit.  The rest is history.

After Judith had him neutered, we were able to take him home.  He is the perfect dog.  Well behaved, loving, handsome, quiet, cuddly - just everything we could ever want in a dog.  

We highly recommend Judith as a breeder.  We have met her and her dogs.  She is just the best.  

Les and Ann S.

Toronto, Ontario


My baby girl is finally home...everyone meet my Chloe she is such a delight thank you for giving her a great start you're the best breeder ...I would highly recommend you to everyone ❤

You really go Far and Beyond what other breeders do you're one in a million Judith you really care for your babies and make the new moms and Families transition so much easier thank you so much I'm so glad I met you!!!

Chloe has adjusted very quickly ... if only there was more like you out there... even after I brought her home you take the time out of your busy schedule to answer any questions❤

Virginia C.
Windsor, Ontario


We were lucky enough to get a puppy from Exquisite Biewer Terriers! He’s the cutest & sweetest little guy. Judith provided us with lots of education about the breed, puppy care and helping ours get settled into his new home.
Her dogs are so well taken care and loved, it shows with their wonderful temperament. 

Courtney M.
Burlington, Ontario


My new little fur baby Bentley came to his new home in Cape Breton a few weeks ago.  I have received a well adjusted, socialized and very well cared for new addition to my family.  He is loveable and socializes well with other people and is a very affectionate and inquisitive pup.

I must say this shows how great a breeder Exquisite Biewer Terriers and Judith Maynard is, and she takes very good care of the puppies from birth until the pup is ready to join its new family.  She is there to help you through the whole process and is happy to answer any questions or concerns, even after your new pup joins your family.  

Bentley has been a joyous addition and I am grateful for Judith making the adoption process so smooth.

Simone MD.
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia


We could tell that Floki was well trained and taken care of. He was clean an immaculate and well behaved. 

Judith spent lots of time with us to make sure we were well prepared to receive him, answering all our questions and providing us with all the tools and information we needed.

Floki sleeps in his kennel every night without a fuss, and was trained to use his pee tray .

He also recognizes a few commands.

He is an absolute delight , full of fun and energy and loves to cuddle and just be with you.

We have had other dogs in the past but never had such a smooth transition.

We strongly recommend Exquisite Biewer Terriers if you are interested in this breed.

Ed & Kathleen W.
Russell, Ontario


We can’t recommend Exquisite Biewer Terriers enough! We recently welcomed home our boy Tommy and our family is complete.  

Judith’s advice, knowledge and experience has been so valuable and helpful. Tommy is a joy, and I know we have Judith’s knowledge and support if ever needed. 
Thank you!!

Melissa & Cory L.
Thunder Bay, Ontario


We are so excited to introduce our new addition Auggie. 

He was well worth the wait! 

Thanks to Judith Maynard from Exquisite Biewer Terriers. Judith had already started crate training with Auggie so it was much easier on us and him. 

Judith let us visit on a few occasions and was very generous with her time and knowledge.
Her dogs have a great life! Beautiful out door amusement area.

Sheryl B. and Mary Lynn D.
Kitchener, Ontario


Judith is the best. I couldn’t pick up Bailey till she was fully vaccinated, a few day shy of 4 months old but Judith was sending me pictures and videos the whole time. 

Yesterday I brought her home and she’s been the wonderful, pee pad trained, crate trained and so affectionate. Judith is also on hand to help with any questions in the future. 

Best experience ever. I would highly recommend Judith to anyone looking for this breed of puppy as she’s the best and hence so are her puppies

Debra B.
Chatham, Ontario


We have had our little Isla home for a week now and couldn't be happier with her or the whole adoption process in general. 

Judith has been wonderful at regularly sending us photos and videos of our puppy so that we could feel connected to her as we waited to meet her. The fact that Isla was 16 wks and had had all of her vaccinations meant that she was ready to venture out and enjoy her new family life.  Judith is an excellent communicator, who has been quick to answer all our questions.  

The puppy pack we received when we collected Isla has been very useful and contained many essential items.  

We would highly recommend Judith and Exquisite Biewer Terriers if you are looking for one of these beautiful little dogs who have been given the very best start. 

Gillian & James C.
Waterloo, Ontario


Thank you Judith for our little “Spike.” He has been a wonderful addition to our family and all who have meet him think he is adorable. 

From the first time we talked with Judith to the time we picked our dog up, you could tell that Judith cares deeply for her dogs. 

Judith provided us with many pictures and videos of Spike from birth and was always very responsive to our questions and was more than willing to share her knowledge with us. 

Spike came to us well trained and has slept through the night and for the most part does his business outside. Spike is very cuddly and responsive to all the members of the family which speaks to the training and care Judith has given him. 

If you are interested in getting a puppy, we highly recommend that you get in touch with Judith.


Dean & Liz E.

Bright's Cove, Ontario










Uxbridge, Ontario


I got my puppy, Sam, from Judith Maynard four years ago. She is an amazing breeder. There are many breeders to chose from but it is rare to find a breeder that cares as much as Judith does. 

Judith's puppies are part of her family until the moment they are adopted. They are well socialized and use to being cuddled and held...something I was thrilled to continue. 

Sam took no house training at all, he had already lived in Judith's home. He was just a puppy when I adopted him and I was fortunate to get to visit him a couple of times before taking him home. 

Judith took the time to tell me about his personality, habits and she even supplied his growth chart from the moment he was born. 

She was kind enough to separate him from the litter for two nights before I took him home... making the transition much easier for the little guy. I didn't hear a sound out of him the first night or any night since. 

You know you have picked the right breeder when she is not only concerned with how he is treated while with her, but also checks to make certain he is happy in his new home.

I feel blessed to have Judith as my Sam's first "mom".

Debbie T.
Niagara Falls, Ontario


Hats off to Judith Maynard’s, Exquisite Biewers!

I was on several waiting lists since March of this year for a biewer or biro puppy however I had made it known to all the breeders that my preference was an adult (not too old) that would fit well with my “mature, single, condo lifestyle”.

When the opportunity arose, Judith felt that Raya and I would be a good fit. I travelled to meet Raya and see her surroundings. 

What I found was a loving breeder with an amazing set-up for her small pack of dogs and puppies. I also found a perfect little miss Raya, a 2 year old, 6 pound, adorable little bundle of fur who made it clear that she and I were “meant to be”!

Judith went above and beyond by keeping me up to date with daily reports and/or videos of Raya until I could return to make her my own. 

I now have a spunky little fur girl who has bonded with me and has taken to condo living without a problem. 

She has shown me that Judith did a great job socialising her, training her and loving her. Judith’s love and caring for her animals shone through as we were leaving, when I could see a tear or two at the separation.

I highly recommend Judith Maynard of Exquisite Biewers. She is a shining example of a caring loving breeder and I thank her for my Raya!

Isabel S.
Newmarket, Ontario


Baxter is our third Biewer - we love the breed. 

Judith is professional and an absolute gem to work with. She doesn’t allow her pups to leave their mothers until 16 weeks, which indicates what a great breeder she is. 

We highly recommend Judith. 

Our new pup, Baxter, is so sweet, happy and well-adjusted. He’s been an amazing addition to our household. Thank you Judith!

Catherine & Christopher Y.
Vancouver, British Columbia


I purchased a 2yr old female, named Reesa, for my mother, and she is just the absolute sweetest pup! Reesa was definitely loved by Judith and was a part of the family.

We spoke quite a bit beforehand, and Judith took the time to answer all of my questions (and there were a lot of them!). 

Once we got Reesa home, she settled in beautifully and we couldn’t imagine a better fit.

Overall it was a wonderful experience!! Judith was great to deal with and very quick with all correspondences! She was located quite a distance away from us and offered to meet us in between to pick up Reesa. 

Judith has kept in touch since then and has offered ongoing support should any questions/concerns come up. 
Thank you again!

Brittany and Jane-Ann S.
Tillsonburg, Ontario


We are in love with our little Riley! 

The process was smooth, and Judith was always so helpful and available to answer all of our questions ...before and even after. 

His transition to our home was easy, as he is such a good boy already. 

Thank you Exquisite Biewer Terriers!

Natalie & Marco S.
Kleinburg, Ontario


We got our precious 2 year old male from Judith.  Cooper is the perfect fit for our family.  

Judith is just a phone call away or text ... any questions she is always there to help.  

We highly recommend Judith as a breeder and as a friend and life time support for our Cooper.
Thank you Judith for our precious Cooper.
Bonnie and Steve M.
Barrie, Ontario


Four years after the last of our beloved dogs had passed away, we were ready again to welcome a new one to our pack. 

It was important to us to find a reputable, ethical breeder,  who not only cared about the health of the dogs, but placed a premium on the importance of socialization. 

After much research, we decided to contact Judith at Exquisite Biewer Terriers. Judith made us feel confident that we were making the right choice. We had the peace of mind knowing that Benji was coming to us having already received early veterinary care, all of his important shots to date, and had been microchipped. 

 Judith sent us many photos and videos of his early months of life, which we treasure. 

Most importantly, we received a wonderfully well socialized puppy who is easy to train, affectionate, and responds well in new situations with people and animals alike! He was a much anticipated, and now much loved, new member of our family. 

To anyone looking to welcome an extraordinarily wonderful Biewer Terrier into their lives, we can’t recommend Judith highly enough.

The Coelhos
Toronto, Ontario

Roxy (1)

I reached out to Judith in search of a fur baby...I had lost my Angus and she brought me my Roxy. (Who is now a service dog.)

Judith was the perfect person to reach out to. She made a perfect match for me and she made herself available to me with my many many questions.

She is a top shelf breeder ..a true family dog developer..she trains her babies to be the best....with pride...and asks  that if for what ever reason you as a client need to re home that fur baby she will take that fur baby back and re home it.

I  stay in contact with Judith and she has brought joy into 2 of my friends homes with one of her fur-baby pride and joys.

Thank You Judith 

Love Roxy ..Cyndy...John...Carly ..and those furball cats Tiggy and GG
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario


I had been searching for a mature small female for quite a while with no luck.  People either never got back to me or they seemed like scammers.  

Then I happened to randomly come across Exquisite Biewer Terriers as I researched online.  I messaged Judith and was pleasantly surprised when she got right back to me.  And lucky for me she had a little 2 year old female available.  

Judith was extremely forthcoming with all kinds of information about the dog and sent me lots of pictures.  

She is about a 3 hour drive from my home so I was going to be purchasing "Maggie-May" sight unseen.  But I immediately felt comfortable e-transferring Judith a deposit.  

She was very accommodating in arranging a time and place to pick up my dog that was convenient for me.  Judith responded right away every time I emailed or text her with questions. 

I picked up Maggie on May 2nd and what a little darling she is.  Just a beautiful soft Biewer Terrier who is friendly with my other dog, my cat and people. You can tell she was loved and not just left to sit in a kennel all day.  

She is well socialized, playful and full of personality.  I think Judith was actually on the verge of tears when I put Maggie in my car... that showed me she really cares about her dogs.  

I liked that I also had to fill out an application before the purchase.  Judith wants to know what kind of a home her dogs are going to.  Judith has kept in touch with me ever since.  If I have any questions at all or need some advice she is always available.  

I would not hesitate to recommend Judith Maynard and her Exquisite Biewer Terriers to anyone who is looking for a wonderful new furry friend.  

Anne R.

Lakefield, Ontario


Our beautiful Lexi, will be 4 years old this April 12, 2020. She has been a wonderful addition to our empty nest as it has filled with grandchildren. (4 before her arrival and 4 more after). 

She has a great temperament with all the little ones and her small size has helped a few who were very cautious/nervous around dogs. 

Judith was wonderful with the puppies as she has an obvious love for and joy in caring for all her dogs. I am so delighted that she can now devote herself to this passion of hers. 

We have purchased several dogs from breeders over the years. Judith is the one I would go back to again. She knows how to raise beautiful, healthy dogs that will be a blessing in your life.

Thankful for our blessing, 

Valerie & Kevin K.
Niagara Falls, Ontario