Available Puppies

~~ Updated June 21, 2024 ~~

We are expecting 

new puppies in August 2024

The Parents for the August Litter are:  

Exquisite's Casey & Sir Nelson

Please fill out the questionnaire if you would like to reserve a puppy or be added to our email list.

Boy 1 (Reserved)

 was born to Exquisite's Maxine 
and Sir Micky, June 7, 2024

Girl 1 (Reserved)

 was born to Exquisite's Maxine 
and Sir Micky on June 7, 2024

Boy 2 (Reserved)

 was born to Exquisite's Maxine 
and Sir Micky on June 7, 2024.

Girl 2 (Reserved)

 was born to Exquisite's Maxine 
and Sir Micky on June 7, 2024.

Available Young Adults

This might be for you! 

Sometimes we have young dogs in the age of 6 to 24 months available. 

These young dogs have passed the crazy puppy stage and are 

- Spayed/Neutered after it's reserved 

- Up to-Date on Immunizations

- Socialized

- Pee Pad and/or outside Potty trained 

- Had some Car rides in Carrier & Booster Seat 

- Got some Leash training


Please contact us for details.

Phone/Text/WhatsApp 705-203-3915 

[email protected]

Your Puppy

Will have up to date immunizations
Examination by the vet
Some car and stroller rides
Familiar with carriers and crates
Starting indoor pee tray training 
Starting outside training (weather and age permitting)
Used to bathing and grooming
A crush course on how to maintain your pup
Support for as long as you need it

Also includes the package below;

(These items are included with your puppy purchase)

- Bag

- Folder

- Dog Bed

- Puppy Card

- Health Record 

- Chip Registration 

- Poop Bags with Dispenser 

- Puppy Food - Reusable container with measuring cup 

- Info Letter from Breeder

- Puppy Blanket 

- Water Dish 

- Food Dish

- Harness

- Leash

- Wipes 


- Toy

When you get a puppy from a responsible breeder know that they have trusted you with a piece of their legacy, heart and hard work.