We offer 


Home Raised 


Biewer Terriers 

Our breeding dogs are:

AKC  registered,

Health  and DNA  tested against over 200 different genetic health conditions /hereditary diseases.

Patellar  Examination and Eye  Examination which all together will help us to raise the healthiest offspring possible. 

Our breeding dogs also received their OFA (CHIC) Certificate.

      The Biewer Terrier is an Adorable Rare Breed

The Biewer Terrier is a great, affectionate, 
hypo-allergenic family dog.

Known for:

Their Whimsical Attitude and larger than Life Personality, Affectionate, Energetic, Clever, Loyal, Adventurous, Brave, Elegant, Intelligent, Devoted, Amusing, Charming, Hearty and Athletic,
The Biewer Terrier makes a Wonderful Companion!

❤The Biewer Terrier is everything  you are looking for in a toy breed❤

Our purebred

Biewer Terriers 

Dams and Sires

(Pedigrees and Champion Bloodlines)


Lady Riona

Riona is a 7 lb purebred Biewer Terrier and was born in Europe. She loves to play and wants her cuddles.

Lady Raisin

This little 7 lb missy is a purebred Biewer Terrier born in Europe. Raisin likes to be number one and tries to have the last word.

Lady Robin

Robin is a purebred Biewer Terrier born in Europe and she weighs about 7 lb. She loves the younger pups and is a calmer member of our family.

Sir Riley

Riley is a 6.5 lb purebred Biewer Terrier born in Europe. He is a gorgeous boy and he knows it. 

Lady Rena

Rena is a 6 lb purebred Biewer Terrier born in Europe. She is one of our smaller girls with a big dog attitude. 

Exquisite's Ariel

Is the first girl born here and weighs 7 lbs. Ariel is a laid back and quiet family member.

Exquisite's Cindy

Is a 9 lb girl which likes to be close to us and loves attention.

Exquisite's Julian

Is a great boy of 6.5 lbs. and we are looking forward of seeing him mature.

Sir Rocky

Is a 7 lb purebred Biewer Terrier born in Europe. He is a handsome boy which loves to run, play with the younger dogs and also cuddle up with us.

Benefits of Having a Biewer Terrier

1) Alarm 

2) Bed Warmer

3) Home Security

4) Best Friend

5) Doorbell

6) Family

7) Cuddle Buddy

8) Love

9) Happiness 

10) Loyalty