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AKC Breed Standard

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Puppy Potty Training Suggestions

 It should be set up like a small house with a bed in a corner, a place to eat, a place to sleep, a place to play and a place to go to the bathroom. Thus making the puppy understand there is a separate place to relieve itself. There should not be puppy pads scattered all over the area.

Outdoor Training 

Once you bring your new puppy home do NOT use puppy pee pads. Never, never use a pee-pee pad or have a potty station inside your home after the puppy is 8 to 9 weeks of age. You want to expand on what the breeder has already taught the puppy and take it to the next level. You need to teach the pup that it is off limits to relieve itself inside your home. It must only potty outside. If the weather is bad and it is hard to get the puppy out to potty, you may use the pee pads, but put them right outside the door wherever you have a weather protected area.
Do not put them inside your home.
Your job as a new owner is to provide 100% supervision, use your crate as a potty training tool and teach your pup to walk to the door. Do not use food or you will change the focus from relieving itself to eating. Keep the puppy's mind on the task at hand, which is going to the bathroom. Owners who use food as a potty reward often find themselves with a pup who does not completely empty themselves while outside. The dog is more eager to eat than it is to make the unconformable feeling of needing to go to the bathroom go away.

Do not carry the dog outside or it will never learn how to walk to the door. If you carry the pup, when it has to go it will stand in the middle of the room and wait, unaware of how to signal the owner that it needs to go. This is a step many new owners miss. They set the alarm for every hour or two and pick up the pup and carry him out to potty. This does not teach it a thing. You must teach the pup to walk to the door. You can even teach the dog to ring a bell when it needs to go outside. Lead the dog to a designated potty area. If you would like you can put a pee pad outside. Some people set up a pen just outside the door under the eaves. Some people do this for early mornings and bad weather. The important thing to remember is to keep the potty area outside. Never inside the home.

If you cannot watch your new puppy 100% of the time put it in its crate. Never let it wander without your eyes on it. The more accidents you allow the pup to have inside the home the harder it will be to house train.

A well bred, well raised puppy will give you a signal that it needs to relieve itself by walking with its head down, sniffing, often walking in circles. If you see this put on its leash and walk it to the door.
A puppy mill puppy unfortunately will just be playing and stop and potty with no warning. These pups will need more crating in the smallest crate possible, as most will not potty and then sleep in it. Unfortunately some pups raised in these conditions will sleep where they go to the bathroom. With these pups you have to start from scratch. While it will be harder, these pups can still be trained. It will just take more time and effort. Most dogs want a clean bed.

 Indoor Training

If you live in a high rise and you cannot get outside easily set up a safe potty area on your balcony. If your lifestyle requires to use pee pads in your home do not use them in your kitchen or living area. Put them in your bathroom, laundry room or other less used part of the home and teach your pup to go there.

A friend of mine teaches her pups to walk to the door at 8 to 9 weeks of age. She has a potty station with pee pads and an x-pen just outside the door. She likes to teach them what a pee pad is because they travel. During times they are out, if they are in an apartment or 3rd story home they put a pee pad outside on the balcony. They like to take their dogs on a boat and they teach them to use the pads while they are out on the water. If they are on an airplane they will take pee pads and find the family washroom and put one down. Pee pads can be very convenient, but they should never be used inside your home unless it's because of your lifestyle.

So many people will get a new puppy and state they have set up a spot at home just like at the breeders had. This is a big NO NO. Once you bring your puppy home it needs to be past that stage. It is like taking a potty trained toddler and taking away the toilet and put him back in a diaper.
When a puppy goes to it's new home expand on what the breeder has already taught it. Teach the pup there is a designated spot to potty and that is NOT inside your house, except you want to keep the convenience of an indoor potty. If so, choose a spot like laundry room, mudroom or bathroom however it's convenient for you and reachable for your puppy and where it doesn't hinder you because you should not change the placement of the potty area ones you start training your pup. You may change the location of the pad/tray ones your puppy is fully trained.

The Puppy Apartment

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Shopping List Suggestions

-Pet Exercise Pen or Crate to keep your puppy safe when you don't have time to watch it.
-This kind (see picture below) of Pee Tray keeps your puppy from shredding the pee pad, if you consider an indoor or also in garage or breezeway potty station. This Pee Tray can also be used without pads.
-You need a Brush and Comb
- Shampoo
and Conditioner if dog is kept in drop coat
- Small Clippers for shaving the tip of the ears, private areas and Paw Pads.
-When you use Pee Pads, take the better ones, it will keep the smell down.
- You can also use washable reusable Pee Pads
-We recommend a Harness for these small dogs.
- Collar is great to attach vet and dog tag only.
-Don't buy the Dog Bed too big, just long enough for your pup to be able to sleep stretched out.
-Please don't forget the Toys... your puppy needs this at least until it's done teething.
-And not to forget some Poop Bags for the walks.

(Bed, Harness, Toys, Food and Water Dish, Wipes, Puppy Blanket and Poop Bags are included in our puppy package)