We will update every Tuesday or Wednesday the puppies which are at least 8 weeks old and the earliest date the puppy is ready for adoption. 


Please fill out our questionnaire if you would like to be added to our mailing list for a puppy or retired adult. 

Thank you in advance.

More 🐾 to come!

Check every Tuesday and Wednesday 

Available Puppies

Julian was born on March 9, 2022

(AKC registered) 

Julian was born to Lady Roxanne and Sir Rocky. He is fully vaccinated and neutered, ready to meet his forever family by the end of May.  Julian grew bigger than needed for our breeding program... we are sad that we have to let him go.



Rover was born on January 14, 2023

(AKC registered) 

Rover is a big boy and priced accordingly. He was born to Lady Riona and Sir Rocky. He is fully vaccinated and had 3 vet exams.  Rover is ready to join his forever family. 

Lady Raomi 

(AKC registered) 
Lady Raomi will be spayed and ready to join her forever family by the end of July.

Lady Rosy

(AKC registered)

Lady Rosy is spayed and is looking forward to meet her forever family. 

Lady Riona

(AKC registered) 
Lady Riona is spayed and ready to join her forever family.

We have a few dogs retiring this year, please contact us for details.

(These items are included with your puppy purchase)

- Bag

- Folder

- Dog Bed

- Puppy Card

- Health Record 

- Chip Registration 

- Poop Bags with Dispenser 

- Puppy Food - Sample Pack with measuring cup 

- Info Letter from Breeder

- Puppy Blanket 

- Water Dish 

- Food Dish

- Harness

- Leash

- Wipes 


- Toy

Soon we will have more puppies available! 

(AKC registered)


We are excited and will show more pictures as they grow.

When you get a puppy from a responsible breeder know that they have trusted you with a piece of their legacy, heart and hard work.